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Although I'm not a comic-book fan, and certainly not an X-Men fan in particular, I found the X-Men movie to be entertaining.

X-Men devotees probably already know the characters: Mutants with strange powers. (The film takes place "sometime in the not-too-distant-future", whatever that's supposed to mean.) The main characters are Rogue (Anna Paquin), a girl who can suck the life out of someone just by touching him; Wolverine, a guy whose powers should be pretty clear (hint: he has retractable claws); and Storm (Halle Berry) who also explains her name - she creates storms. Patrick Stewart plays the head of a school for mutants.

Of course, those are just the good guys. The bad guys are mutants who plan to start a war with mere mortals. The good guys want everything to be nice and peaceful. Guess which side wins?

X-Men's producers did one thing very well: They made a movie that X-Men fans and non-fans alike could both enjoy. Often, movies based on a popular series - such as a TV show or comic books- cater only to those who are already devoted fans. Remember X-Files? If you weren't a fan of the show, the movie wasn't worth seeing. Fortunately, X-Men didn't fall into that trap.

X-Men isn't realistic or down-to-earth; nor is the plot surprising. The special effects are impressive though. To be honest, I found a lot wrong with this film, but I still liked it. I prefer to judge movies on whether I actually enjoyed them rather than how much I found to criticize, so I have to say that overall, X-Men is an entertaining movie.

My Rating = Two Stars

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