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Wrongfully Accused



Wrongfully Accused
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Leslie Nielson is the perfect actor to play the wrongfully accused Ryan in the hilarious and aptly named comedy Wrongfully Accused.

Ryan, a concert violinist, is quite successful despite his rock star-like antics. (Sometimes after playing a classical piece, he launches into a rock number and smashes his violin the way rock singers smash their guitars.) One disastrous night, while meeting a date, Ryan winds up framed for murder. (While Wrongfully Accused rips off and spoofs many movies, The Fugitive is the one it most resembles.) Ryan resorts to all sorts of antics to prove himself innocent. In one disgusting scene, Ryan, now on the run, poses as a baby bird so the mother bird will drop worms into his mouth. Ewwwwwww!!! (I was vaguely reminded of "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls".)

If you want to see a movie so stupid it's guaranteed to make you forget everything that's troubling you - and probably everything that's not, too - Wrongfully Accused is it. Ryan is a dense but likable character, and isn't it great that he has such an appreciation for good music? Anyone who doesn't like this movie can't have much of an appreciation for idiot comedy.

My Rating = Four Stars

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