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World is Not Enough
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Pierce Brosnan returns for the fourth time as James Bond in the terrific new movie The World is Not Enough.

This time Bond is assigned to protect an heiress (Sophie Marceau) from some bad guys who are apparently out to get her and her oil pipeline. (Things are not what they seem.) Not surprisingly, she seduces Bond (a ladies' man who sleeps with his doctor just so she'll give him a clean bill of health), then sends him on a misleading goose chase. It doesn't take Bond long to figure out her scheme, though, and he soon saves the day - with the help of an atomic scientist (Denise Richards) who becomes his next girlfriend.

The World is Not Enough features many exciting action scenes, including one where Bond and an assassin chase each other across a river on little boats (Brosnan even looks good soaking wet, with his hair all messed up). At one point, his boat submerges under the water in order to clear a bridge - that really surprised me. I was expecting the boat to fly over the bridge.

Audio VersionThe World is Not Enough is witty, action-packed, and amusing. Brosnan makes a great Bond, and I enjoyed most of the supporting actors (John Cleese makes a very funny protege to Bond's old inventor Q).

My Rating = Three Stars

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