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Working Girl



Working Girl
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Harrison Ford is surprisingly young in this eighties comedy about - you guessed it- a Working Girl.

That would be Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith) a rather unsuccessful secretary. When she goes to work for Katherine Parker, her new female boss (Sigourney Weaver) she thinks she may finally get somewhere with her career. When Parker is laid up in the hospital (conveniently out of town), Tess decides to forget her instructions and all but takes over Parker's job. As it turns out, Parker already stole one of Tess' ideas, so they're pretty much even now. While at a party, Tess meets Ford's character, Jack Trainer, whom she doesn't realize is her new business associate, so she gets drunk and winds up spending the night at his apartment. To her embarrassment, she finds out who he is the next day! Meanwhile, no one knows that she is really Parker's secretary and has no place handling Parker's business accounts.

Having never seen Weaver in a non-Alien role before, I was impressed at her acting in this somewhat more down to earth, if still unrealistic, comedy. Ford and Griffith are also entertaining and the plot is laughable.

My Rating = Two Stars

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