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Wonder Boys
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Wonder Boys is a fascinating film starring Michael Douglas as Grady Tripp, a haggard college professor/best-selling author with a plethora of problems.

For starters, his girlfriend, Sara (Frances McDormand) is pregnant by Grady, but they are both still married to other people.

Then there's James Leer (Tobey Maguire), a very strange student who tells Grady a pack of lies and shoots Sara's dog. Although troublesome, James seems to be a talented writer.

And let's not forget that Grady, having penned a best- seller seven years earlier, is struggling to finish his second novel. Writer's block and a penchant for pot get in the way of this endeavor.

Michael Douglas is a terrific actor, and the supporting cast is also excellent. The plot of Wonder Boys is comical and serious at the same time.

Only two flaws exist in this plot: The ending is somewhat predictable, but that can be forgiven. What really bothered me was that James Leer never really got much of an explanation. I was sure that such an amusing, unusual, and obviously deep character would have quite a story behind him - but we never hear it. (At least, we never hear the real story - as I mentioned earlier, James does feed Grady several packs of lies.)

Audio VersionOtherwise, Wonder Boys is a wonderful film and I highly recommend it.

My Rating = Three Stars

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