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What Women Want



What Women Want
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What Women Want stars Mel Gibson as an average guy who hasn't the slightest clue what women want - until he suddenly starts to hear women's thoughts.

This transpires after a hilarious scene in which Gibson dresses up like a woman for a work project - his firm needs more advertising accounts aimed at women. New ad exec Darcy (Helen Hunt) is supposed to help sell women's advertising, so she sends everyone home with a box of makeup, pantyhose, bras, and other feminine frills. Gibson, the "man's man" type, partially electrocutes himself in the bathroom, and begins to hear women's thoughts. Naturally, this is quite a shock - but it comes in handy when he's trying to sweet talk a woman.

Gibson quickly falls for Darcy, and uses his mind-reading powers to convince her that he's the perfect one. Because he can hear her thoughts, he knows exactly what to do to impress her. On the other hand, he also knows how to steal her smart business ideas and take credit for them - something that never impresses an up and coming businesswoman like Darcy.

Meanwhile, a cliched and boring subplot involves Gibson's teenage daughter and her older boyfriend. This subplot, like Gibson's romance with Darcy, is predictable and uninteresting. The slower, more serious scenes also contain dull, sappy, cliched dialogue that everyone's heard before.

What Women Want wasn't quite as comical as the previews suggested, but overall I found it entertaining. Mel Gibson is an enjoyable actor to watch, and the rest of the cast was terrific. Only the plot was lacking, and not seriously so. However, I would have preferred more comedy.

My Rating = Three Stars

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