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This is your perfect Halloween movie. Gore, guts (even though they're fake - looking), blood, and a tremendously creative plot. What else could you ask for in a horror movie?

Attractive Alex Amberson, who works at a gem lab, asks best friend (and boyfriend hopeful) Josh to analyze a fire opal. Alone, Josh puts the opal inside the analyzing machine; it explodes and the creature who emerges quickly kills Josh. Feeding off people's wishes, the creature, the Djinn, kills person after person, and causes much destruction in the city. How can Alex stop the Djinn?

My favorite scene is where a blood drenched skeleton steps out of its skin and walks around. Another scene involves one guy pulling out another guy's guts, which was so unrealistic - it looks too much like computer imaging - that it was funny.

P.S. Although even a kid could tell the "guts pulling out scene" was fake, please don't take children under 12 to Wishmaster as it was far-fetched and a bit offensive for the younger set.

My Rating = Four Stars

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