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Mrs. Winterbourne



Mrs. Winterbourne
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Despite the fact that the plot to Mrs. Winterbourne is repetitious, and the ending is no surprise, it is still - in my opinion - a highly entertaining movie.

Ricki Lake stars as Connie Doyle, a pregnant, broke, young woman involved in a train wreck. At the hospital, Connie is mistakenly thought to be the daughter-in-law of a very rich woman - Mrs. Winterbourne (Shirley MacLaine). Since Connie has nowhere to go, no money, etc., she decides to become Patricia Winterbourne, and live with her wealthy mother-in-law - the other Mrs. Winterbourne. It's not a bad life - Connie and her infant son are brought to the enormous estate of Mrs. Winterbourne, and Connie readily adapts to Patricia Winterbourne's lifestyle. All in one day, Connie is given a makeover, a checkbook, and a new boyfriend.

Oh, yes, an especially funny scene involves four people confessing to the same murder!

Althought you can easily figure out what's going to happen, "Will the truth be known?" - it's still a fun movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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