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Wings of the Dove



Wings of the Dove
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This is one of those moralistic movies that wittingly shows you what can happen when a rich person becomes terminally ill - and all her so-called friends are after her money.

Not everyone is completely corrupt - there is one loyal friend, a servant of the sick girl (Milly), who isn't after her money. Then there's Milly's best friend, Kate, and Kate's true love, whom she can't marry because he's too poor, and her rich aunt forbids her to see him. Milly also falls for Kate's boyrfriend, but of course Kate isn't jealous - she has a plan! Milly will fall in love with Kate's boyfriend (whom she instructs to seduce Milly) and leave him all her money, then once she's out of the picture, Kate can marry him.

And, oh yes, you're supposed to believe that Kate actually feels great sympathy for Milly and doesn't want to lose her friend. Although the acting was convincingly marvelous, I just couldn't swallow that.

Kate does pretty much get what she deserves - her boyfriend actually falls for Milly, and that, of course, causes problems in his relationship with Kate!

Well-plotted and splendidly acted, this original movie kept me thoroughly entertained, and I left the theatre with plans to read the book.

My Rating = Three Stars

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