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Wing Commander



Wing Commander
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Wing Commander reminded me of Starship Troopers without the arachnids. It's one of those by-the-book, pathetically unoriginal sci-fi films for people who will watch anything tawdry enough to be called sci-fi.

Although it contained a few mildly amusing moments, it was primarily a dull, wearisome, uninspired movie. Freddie Prinze Jr., who isn't much better here than he was in She's All That, plays Christopher "Maverick" Blair, a soldier in an intergalactic space war. No one likes him because his mother was a Pilgrim, the alien race they're fighting in this war. Along with several other soldiers, he flies around in little jet-machines that appear strikingly similar to the army aircraft flown today. (Yet they fly from a huge space station in the sky-curious.)

It's gratifying to note that some intergalactic wars make great movie plots while others produce incredibly boring and monotonous junk. The Star Trek movies, for example, are a shining example of films in which this plot is highly entertaining. Starship Troopers, the Star Wars films, and of course, Wing Commander are examples of films in which this plot is irksome and useless. Perhaps actors, and, even more importantly, the characters, affect a film's entertainment value as much as or even more than plot. Certainly the actors and characters could have been better in Wing Commander.

My Rating = Two Stars

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