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Wild Wild West



Wild Wild West
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My main problem with Wild Wild West is that after the first scene, Will Smith wears all his clothes. He has such nice ab and chest muscles, he looks like he just stepped out of an exercise-machine commercial. Take that shirt off, Will!

Of course, the scene where he wears a dress is quite humorous. In fact, much of Wild Wild West, despite being technically and historically inaccurate, is hilariously funny.

Smith plays Jim West, a cowboy-hero type in the "wild west", shortly after the Civil War. A diabolical madman - or the comedy version of one, anyway- wants to revive the Southern states and once again revolt against the North. And this time, he intends to win.

Well President Grant just can't have that, so he employs two of his best agents: Jim West and a nerdy, twerpy inventor and agent (Kevin Kline) who obviously thinks he's an intellectual.

I enjoyed West's smooth talking attitude and his method of "Shoot first, shoot later, shoot some more, then try to ask a few questions". Even Kline's prissy character is laughable in his own way, and the two complement each other nicely.

My Rating = Three Stars

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