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Goldie Hawn stars in the wildly, unrealistic movie Wildcats. Hawn plays a teacher who has always dreamed of coaching football, but the school administrators don't want her to because she's a woman.

So, they agree to let her coach one of the worst teams around, saying that if she can make them a winning team she can coach at her school. They do this of course because they don't think anybody can coach such a bad team. (The players are truly pathetic.) Hawn almost backs out after a few days, but eventually she decides to stick it out. In fact, she even helps the team win a few games.

It's pretty obvious where this film is headed. Subplots about her kids and ex-husband were O.K., although predictable and not too amusing. There were some funny parts but I just wasn't too impressed by the plot of this film.

My Rating = Two Stars

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