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Wild America



Wild America
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Although I generally dislike animal-nature type movies, Wild America is fun and exciting. I might attribute how much I liked this movie to the fact that Devon Sawa and Jonathan Taylor Thomas, two of the cutest guys around, are together on screen, but it made me laugh too, and not just drool.

Thomas, Sawa, and Scott Bairstow star as three brothers who happen to be from Ft. Smith, Arkansas. Although I am annoyed by the fact that this movie portrays people from Arkansas as complete "hicks-from-the-sticks", I forgive the moviemakers, because this is one funny story.

Hoping to make it big, the brothers set off to film wildlife, so the film is about their crazy adventures ( as camermen ) in the wilderness. One particularly amusing scene involves Thomas being carried around on top of a moose!

P.S. The move is based on a true story about boys from Ft. Smith.

My Rating = Three Stars

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