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White Man's Burden



White Man's Burden
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In White Man's Burden, John Travolta plays a down-on-his-luck delivery boy who is fired unjustly and can't find other work. All of this transpires because African-Americans run the country and Travolta is in a minority group. Also, his marriage is strained because of money problems. Soon, he and his family are evicted from their apartment; his wife and kids move in with her mother, who refuses to give Travolta a place to stay. (She's a cold one.) In other words, his life stinks.

Henry Belafonte portrays a wealthy African-American who is partly responsible for Travolta's job loss. Travolta tracks him down and threatens him with a gun, demanding that Belafonte pay up the money Travolta lost because of him. Unfortunately, they arrive at the bank a few minutes too late, so Travolta has to hold Belafonte hostage until Monday.

However, things go awry, and the ending is rather tragic - and surprising. (Don't worry, I'm not going to give it away.) At times this film is also quite humorous, too. And the concept was quite interesting. White Man's Burden is certainly a unique film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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