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White Squall



White Squall
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Although moviegoers interested in ship stories might enjoy the movie White Squall, I really didn't like the sailing story. Thirteen boys attend a floating, ocean academy school called the "Albatross". Chuck Gieg (Scott Wolf) and his shipmates learn to obey the domineering captain's every order - and that includes cleaning toilets! (One particularly funny scene involves an exploding toilet.) They slowly learn to sail the high seas. Unfortunately, on the way back, the ship runs into a storm - yes, a white squall. Surprise! Surprise!

Four boys, the captain's wife who is also the ship surgeon, and a shipmate are trapped below deck, and drown. (The only problem with the drowning scene - was, that I couldn't figure out who drowned, until they announced the names later.) They are rescued, and the captain is later brought to trial to decide whether it was his fault that the boys drowned. What will happen? Will the surviving boys defend the captain?

If you like sea-going movies, you might want to find out. However, I wasn't impressed. As for myself, and several others that I spoke with, the best part of the movie was the previews.

My Rating = Two Stars

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