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Where the Money Is
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Where the Money Is would be more aptly titled Bank Robbing Fun and Excitement for the Depends Set, because exactly what this film turns out to be. If you're younger than seventy, you will probably be bored out of your skull by this dull film.

Paul Newman plays an old bank robber whose ruse to get out of jail is faking a stroke. He manages to pull it off by playing catatonic for two years. Then, when moved to a nursing home, he plans to make his move. Unfortunately, his nurse (Linda Fiorentino) figures out the trick and beats him to it. She wants to help him rob banks, and eventually her dimwitted husband (Dermot Mulroney) gets involved also. (Meanwhile, she and hubby are having marriage problems; it seems they no longer like each other.)

Audio VersionI have to say that Paul Newman's salad dressing commercials are more interesting than Where the Money Is. According to my over-the-hill parents, he was a great actor years ago, but this movie stinks. The plot is as transparent as window glass. The acting could be better. They might also have titled this movie Who Cares Where the Money Is I'm bored and I Wanna Leave.

My Rating = One Star

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