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What Planet Are You From?
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What Planet Are You From? is a capricious comedy about a space alien visiting Earth.

That would be Harold (Garry Shandling), whose mission is to have a child with an Earth woman. (If aliens become part of the Earth population, Harold's planet will eventually be able to take over Earth.) As there are no women on his planet (babies are grown in test tubes using advanced DNA technology), Harold has no experience with sex and romance. Obviously, this leads him into some terribly amusing situations.

Harold becomes interested in Susan Hart (Annette Bening), a recovering alcoholic who wants to marry Harold before she sleeps with him. So, he proposes, and quickly marries her.

Meanwhile, John Goodman plays an airline employee who is desperate to find proof that Harold is an alien. (For one thing, it will convince his suspicious wife he isn't having an affair.) Apparently Harold caused quite a stir when he beamed onto an airplane en route to Earth.

Audio VersionWhat Planet Are You From isn't the funniest comedy I've seen, but it is certainly amusing. The talented cast and constantly funny dialogue kept me laughing.

My Rating = Three Stars

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