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The Wedding Singer



The Wedding Singer
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Although some of Adam Sandler's previous films were tediously unimpressive, I thoroughly enjoyed The Wedding Singer.

In case you haven't guessed, Sandler portrays a wedding singer named Robby Hart - who gets stood up at his own wedding. Despite being bummed, he agrees to help Julia, (Drew Barrymore) a waitress friend, plan her wedding. Soon, it becomes blatantly obvious that they are falling for each other and will wind up together at the end of the movie, but that doesn't stop it from being side - splittingly funny all the way through.

At one point, Sandler's young nephew shows up just in time to tell his ex-girlfriend, "You're a bastard", just when Sandler's trying to win her back. Many such hilarious scenes follow. This having taken place in the eighties, there were a few references to formerly big stars, and a laughable scene where Julia's fiance brings home a CD player and she thinks it plays records.

My Rating = Three Stars

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