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Wayne's World 2
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Wayne's World 2 is a screwball comedy that is perfect for fans of stupid, ridiculous movies (like me) or anyone who is tired of being told to turn down the loud rock music (also like me).

Wayne (Mike Meyers) and Garth (Dana Carvey) have just gotten their own apartment (in a dilapidated abandoned factory, no less) where they host their own TV show, Wayne's World. Big rock fans, they decide to put on a rock concert with big names like Aerosmith when Wayne has a dream. In his dream, he meets Jim Morrison, the deceased lead singer for the group The Doors, and an Indian clad in only a very skimpy loincloth. Jim urges him to put on the concert, saying inspirationally (and comically) "If you book them, they will come." Meanwhile, Wayne's girlfriend, an aspiring singer, starts spending a LOT of time with her record producer, Bobby, and Wayne begins to wonder if they're having an affair. And poor, clueless Garth has an affair with an older married woman who expects him to kill her husband.

The bad acting makes this a great movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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