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The Waterboy



The Waterboy
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The Waterboy was marginally less painful than I expected it to be, which isn't saying a lot for this dumb-hick-hits-the-big-time film.

Adam Sandler stutters his way through the movie as the title character, Bobby Boucher, a thirty-year-old football team water-boy. When some team members make fun of Bobby, Coach Kline (Henry Winkler) encourages Bobby to stand up for himself. Bobby proceeds to do this by tackling the next team member to annoy him, and Coach Kline realizes Bobby could be a great football player. Of course, Bobby is an idiot who knows nothing about the game, and Bobby's domineering mother doesn't want him playing "foolsball", as she calls it. Still, Kline convinces Bobby to play and soon the team is winning games again.

A few scenes in Waterboy were mildly amusing in a that-was-so-bad-it-was-good type way - for example, when Coach Kline shows off the Roy Orbison tattoo on his butt. Most of it, however, was mindless drivel. The thing that I really hated was Sandler's nerve-wrackingly irritating stuttering. It drove me crazy! And to think I almost forgave Sandler for the Billy Madison movies because of The Wedding Singer.

My Rating = Two Stars

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