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The Watcher



The Watcher
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The Watcher is basically an exciting horror film.

Keanu Reeves plays a serial killer who strangles young women with piano wire. He chases a homicide detective to Chicago for reasons unclear at the beginning of the film (this part is revealed later). Since Reeves thinks of his murders as a game, he sends pictures of his next intended victim to the detective. Apparently, he doesn't think that the cop can find the intended victim in time to save her life (and for most of the movie, Reeves is right).

Meanwhile, a subplot involves the homicide detective and his psychotherapist (Marisa Tomei), whom he seems to have a bit of a crush on. As you might get, Reeves eventually targets her as a means of getting back at his old cop friend.

The Watcher is a good murder mystery, and it certainly is an interesting role for Reeves (I don't think he's ever played a serial killer before). I thought the plot was well- woven, although a little predictable.

My Rating = Two Stars

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