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War of the Roses



War of the Roses
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War of the Roses is the tale of Oliver and Barbara Rose, the couple who fell in love, got married, and lived happily ever after.


Oliver (Michael Douglas) and Barbara (Kathleen Turner) end up having the nastiest divorce ever. The big problem is that neither one of them wants to give up their spacious, beautiful house (Oliver made a lot of money as a lawyer) nor do they want to sell it. So, they end up living together even after the divorce, and naturally, they get on each other nerves a little.

Okay, that's an understatement. They go to the lengths of destroying each other professionally, and driving each other almost to the point of insanity. In one scene Oliver crashes one of Barbara's parties - she's a caterer - and acts terribly uncouth. In other words, he sneezes all over the food, blows his nose, and tosses the tissue into one of the dishes!

The best is yet to come. In an effort to "patch things up", Barbara fixes Oliver some pate and tries to talk to him. They get into another argument and she informs him that the pate was made from his dog! (Now if Oliver had been a vegetarian, he wouldn't have had to worry about unknowingly eating a pet, so this story does have one good moral. But that's just my opinion.)

Watching this film, it's interesting to note that Barbara wants nothing to do with Oliver anymore, but he still seems to love her. And this twisted tale is narrated by Danny DeVito, well cast in his role as a lawyer friend of Oliver's. (I was reminded vaguely of DeVito's role in The Rainmaker, where he also played a lawyer.)

It's definitely worth watching.

My Rating = Three Stars

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