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The Thirteenth Warrior



Thirteenth Warrior
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Despite being a big Antonio Banderas fan, I was not impressed with The Thirteenth Warrior. Of course the studio would never admit this in their ads, but The Thirteenth Warrior was in the can for about two years before its release - I guess the studio was just waiting for the right time to release this boring, dull film.

Banderas is not at his best as Ibn Fadlan, an Arab man (that means suppression of Banderas' sexy Latin accent) kidnapped by some "North Men". (The movie takes place at a point hundreds of years ago.) The purpose of the film revolves around the group of warriors trying to defeat some other warriors who dress up as bears. These "bears" are called "eaters of the dead". (That was, in fact, the name of the Michael Crichton book The Thirteenth Warrior was based on, and the original title of the film. I'm guessing they changed the name because theatre owners feared they wouldn't sell much popcorn at a movie called "Eaters of the Dead".)

This film lost my attention rapidly - even Banderas couldn't keep my eyes riveted to the screen. Now I remember why I gave up trying to read the book - it was too tepid and boring. However, I realize many people enjoyed the book, and if you're one of them, you'll probably like The Thirteenth Warrior. But if you're not a fan of the book, you probably should skip The Thirteenth Warrior.

My Rating = Two Stars

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