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Wall Street



Wall Street
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Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas star in the absorbing movie Wall Street.

Sheen plays Bud, a stockbroker who desperately wants to make it big. His attempts to butter up important stockholder Mr.Gecko (Douglas) fail at first but eventually earn him his big chance. Soon, Bud is something like Gecko's protege; he gets a nice apartment, meets a beautiful interior decorator, and makes a lot of money.

You can just see it all falling apart can't you? Gecko stabs Bud in the back regarding a pet project (the buyout of his father's airline), and Bud is furious. His cold-fish girlfriend informs him that she no longer wants to be with him if he turns against Gecko, so now he's really on his own. Still Bud has a plan.

Wall Street was an entertaining movie wonderful performances. However, a few scenes were too routinely customary and staged-looking. For example, Bud has a fight with his father and later learns that his father is in the hospital after suffering a heart attack. There they go with the prototypical "I love you" deathbed scene (although actually his father doesn't even die after all that). Still, it was overall an interesting and fun movie to watch.

My Rating = Three Stars

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