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Joe Versus the Volcano



Joe Versus the Volcano
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Joe Versus the Volcano is a pointless, confusing mess of a film.

Joe (Tom Hanks, normally a great actor) plays a run down office worker who at first seems to live in some strange parallel universe: his boss has the same phone conversation over and over, day in and day out. Everyone sits at desks under low lighting looking grim. This makes no sense.

Then Joe learns that he has a brain cloud - yeah, right, like there is such a thing - that will kill him within a few months. He quits his job, but has no savings to fulfill any last wishes.

Next a peculiar old guy appears in Joe's apartment one night, offering him unlimited money for a few days if he'll sacrifice himself by jumping into a volcano. The way the old guy figures it, Joe has only a few months to live anyway, so he might as well be a hero to the natives of the volcano's island.

Joe Versus the Volcano was silly, nonsensical and unrealistic. I just didn't get it.

My Rating = One Star

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