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If you ask me, Volcano is just another Dante's Peak. Not to say that it isn't interesting - I'm a big fan of "Dante's Peak myself - I just think the movie industry is overdoing it on disaster movies - especially those involving volcanoes.

In case you haven't figured it out, Volcano is about a volcano erupting - in Los Angeles. What struck me as ridiculous was how dumb the characters appeared to be - about seven workers are killed in an underground blast of lava, half of L.A. is taken down by a lava geyser in a large park, and these people still have NO CLUE what's going on? Get real.

Not to mention that the characters contradict themselves every two minutes. Gaby Hoffman plays a thirteen year old who is bitter about her parents divorce and plans to pierce her nose. In the next scene , the same girl who was watching MTV and talking about nose rings is clutching a teddy bear and screaming "Daddy, Daddy!" You'd think that if she's old enough to want her nose pierced , she'd have outgrown sleeping with a teddy bear.

The special effects prove worth it though, if you're a big enough fan of special effects to overlook the movie's discrepancies and obvious lack of depth and insight. At least in Dante's Peak the characters had some depth, and were believeable, if not realistic.

If you're only going to the movies for special effects, grab your Coke and popcorn and head to Volcano. If you're like me, and would appreciate some slightly less dense characters, and more plot, see something else .

My Rating = Two Stars

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