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Little Voice



Little Voice
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Little Voice is a splendid, enjoyable movie. LV, or Little Voice (Jane Horrocks), is nicknamed solely because she has a little voice (in fact, she seldom speaks at all). However, she constantly listens to old records from the fifties, including many Broadway numbers, and sings them to herself. Amazingly, she sounds exactly like the singers that she is imitating, down to the last detail. Obviously, she is quite talented.

Unfortunately, she in also quite inhibited, thanks to her loud, screechy, overbearing mother. When Mom's new boyfriend, a producer, becomes interested in LV's singing talent, mommy dearest is madly jealous. He convinces her that LV's talent could make them all rich, so she goes along with plans to make LV a star, at least for the time being. (LV, on the other hand, is terribly shy, and it takes an enormous amount of convincing to get her to sing on stage - in front of an audience.)

Little Voice was a superbly done film, and deserves its Oscar nominations. The acting was wonderful, the characters had depth, and the plot had a fast pace. In addition to the humor, watching LV lavishly imitate so many different singers was not only amazing, but impressive. Also, mommy dearest - and boyfriend - both get what they deserve in the end, so justice is served.

My Rating = Three Stars

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