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I've noticed that all horror/sci-fi/thriller movies have basically the same host of characters. There are two or three people - human sacrifices, if you will - who are the first to get bumped off by whoever or whatever is after everyone; these poor losers only serve the purpose of pointing out the problem, whatever that may be. Then there's always at least one easily - idolized martyr - the unlucky hero who gets to die saving everyone else. And of course, there are the real heroes - the lucky few who survive. And someone always - I repeat, always- saves the day, so you have your perfect little sadistically happy ending.

Now that I've got the formula figured out, not much surprises me. Virus is no exception.

Jamie Lee Curtis plays Kelly Foster, a ship navigator who accompanies her wrecked ship's crew and captain onto a deserted Russian ship, which comes complete with satellite dishes and every other high tech gadget that you can imagine. It appears that the ship was receiving a satellite transmission from the MIR space station when an evil, electrical based "life form" - that's an alternative way of saying "space alien"- invaded. After destroying the space station, the life form transmitted itself down to the Russian ship via satellite. (And I thought trash TV was the worst thing satellite could beam down to Earth!)

Although I liked Foster's tough, no-nonsense personality, I didn't care for anything else in this senseless film. Although the acting was fine, the roles didn't offer much room for Oscar winning performances. Unfortunately, most sci-fi thrillers fit the aforementioned plot description, and Virus falls right into that category with a thud. (Which is not to say that ALL sci-fi thrillers end up this way - the Alien movies and Contact are rare exceptions.) Virus is only good for a few shocks, although I saw those coming.

My Rating = Two Stars

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