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A Very Brady Sequel



A Very Brady Sequel
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It's soooo stupid and totally corny , that it's hilariously funny. It's A Very Brady Sequel movie, and it's the best thing to hit the video stores since microwave buttered popcorn!

Claiming to be Carol's first husband, Rob, an imposter, suddenly appears at the Bradys' home. (Actually, he killed her first husband, and has come to find a statue of a horse that Rob had shipped to Carol.) Not knowing any of this, Carol has promised to donate the very valuable horse to a ladies' club auction. When "Rob" hears this, he bids thousands of dollars to get the horse back, but still loses it to a rich, familiar-looking snob at the auction.

Meanwhile, a romance steams between Marcia and Greg, who share a bedroom in the attic. Cindy loses her doll, Kitty Cariol, and Bobby wants to be a detective and decides his first case should be finding Kitty Cariol. Jan makes up an imaginary boyfriend (sound familiar?); Peter idolizes "Rob," and "Rob" finally plots a way to steal the horse. The kids are way too retro to be realistic, and so is the maid, Alice, but I loved the movie anyway.

A Very Brady Sequel was even better than the 70's television show and the first movie (The Brady Bunch Movie) as well. There were several corny parts that almost made you want to barf, but that made it hysterically funny. If you want a stupid, but still highly entertaining, movie rent the Very Brady Sequel, and don't forget to wear your "funky new threads" and cross your fingers that Sam, the butcher, will ask Alice to marry him, like she wants!

My Rating = Three Stars

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