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John Carpenter's Vampires should have been more aptly titled Count Dracula Goes to Country Music Hell, because that's basically the plot.

James Woods plays a cowboy who chases vampires around the southwest. First he stakes them, then drags them out into the sunlight where they spontaneously combust. (Talk about being sensitive to the sun!)

For years he has been doing this for the Catholic Church, and now, he finds out that the first vampire ever made needs to get his hands on a black cross. If he does, the greatest vampire of all time will become even greater: he can finish a ritual started centuries ago, enabling himself to walk around in sunlight.

Did I mention that there's also a subplot with Daniel Baldwin - the chubbiest of the Baldwin brothers I believe - another vampire slayer who suddenly falls for a new vampire?

Vampires was entertaining, but I've seen better vampire movies - for example, Interview with the Vampire and recently Blade. Although the characters lack emotional depth or character development, the film has enough special effects, blood, and gore to distract viewers from this flaw.

My Rating = Two Stars

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