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Vampire in Brooklyn



Vampire in Brooklyn
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Vampire in Brooklyn combines two of the best ingredients for a deliciously horrific vampire flick: Eddie Murphy, and lots of blood and gore.

Murphy plays Maximilian, a vampire searching for his soulmate, a half-vampire he expects to find in Brooklyn. In true vampire form, he acquires a zombie slave like Dracula's Renfield, and attacks many unsuspecting people. At one point, he reaches into the chest of a gangster and rips out his still-beating heart. (Amazingly enough, this is one of the most ridiculously entertaining scenes in the movie.)

The best scene, however, is when Maximilian poses as his latest victim, a preacher, and as you can imagine, this is hilarious. He swears loudly and preaches a sermon on why evil is necessary, and exposes several "sinners" who are members of the church.

This movie is low on intelligence and high on stupidity, yet it's amusing. And Murphy actually pulls off a decent acting job, considering the ridiculousness of his role.

My Rating = Three Stars

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