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U-Turn is an eminently creative film that should receive many accolades for its nonconformity, brilliant acting, and exceptional photographic backgrounds. The photography is craftily done, and the plot original, although nonsensical.

Sean Penn stars as Bobby, a man on the run: several gangsters who previously relieved him of two of his fingers are once again after him and his stolen money . While he's on the way to deliver the loot, his car breaks down near a miniscule town called Superior, Arizona, and Bobby has an unbelievable run of bad luck. First, he' cheated by the only mechanic around. While waiting for his car, he unwittingly becomes involved in a convenience store holdup and loses the last of his stolen cash. What's he to do? Now his gangster friends are on the way to get him! Meanwhile, he decides to use the beautiful, but demented, young woman named Grace (Jennifer Lopez) to help him get out of town. (It appears that everyone in Superior is insane. ) Too late, he discovers that Grace has her own plans to use him - and she's more trouble than help!

The classy part of the script is how it ends; I won't spoil it for you, but it's not a typical movie ending.

My Rating = Four Stars

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