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The Usual Suspects



The Usual Suspects
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The Usual Suspects is an intriguing drama starring Kevin Spacey.

Spacey plays a crippled criminal who is shown narrating his story to the FBI. He was mixed up in some dirty dealings with four other criminals, one of whom has "reformed". That's Dean Keaton. He wants to go straight, and it doesn't hurt that his wife is an important lawyer, but he's got a lot of crime behind him.

Now, mobsters are after them, claiming to work for the legendary Keyser S÷oze. Keyser is a big time gangster whom most people don't believe in - but they all fear him. Go figure. Spacey and his friends are asked to do a "job" involving ninety-one million dollars worth of dope; if they complete it successfully their debt to Keyser will be repaid. If not, they might be killed or turned over to the cops.

Spacey's character is interesting because he doesn't seem the criminal type at all. He's very quiet and reserved, which does make sense because he's the "brains" of the operation - he thinks up new, ingenious ways to commit crimes without being caught. The acting was terrific, and The Usual Suspects was suspenseful. I'd recommend it as a good action/mystery type movie.

My Rating = Three Stars

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