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Urban Legend



Urban Legend
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Here's a safety tip: If you're ever sitting in the backseat of a car, attempting to murder the driver with an ax, wear your seatbelt. That way if he slams on the brakes, skids, and almost runs off a bridge you won't drop your ax and go flying through the windshield, straight out into the river and the pouring rain.

Such is the only apparent moral of Urban Legend, a Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer rip -off with little ingenuity and buckets of fake blood. Someone goes around recreating urban legends by way of bizarre and often brutal murders - wearing a hooded jacket that shields his or her face. Does the latter part sound familiar?

Of course the targeted college students get scared, as they get knocked off - one-by-one.

While not thrilling, Urban Legend, might have held my attention - if it was only a ninety-minute movie, but it stretched on too long. After a while I started to wonder if the only way I'd find out who the killer was would be by the process of elimination - the last person alive on campus has to be the one who did the killing, right?

Urban Legend, like the recent Halloween: H20 disaster, is an overly bloody, sloppy parody of a horror film. No wonder even the good ones such as Scream are too often lumped into the "cheesy" category - movies like Urban Legend give others in its genre a bad name!

My Rating = One Star

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