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Urban Cowboy



Urban Cowboy
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Urban Cowboy stars a young John Travolta as - you guessed it - an urban cowboy.

Having recently moved to Texas, Bud (Travolta) meets cowgirl Sissy (Debra Winger) at a country disco. (Incidentally, Travolta does have some dancing scenes in the film, but they're nothing like the ones in Grease or Saturday Night Fever.) They have a whirlwind romance and decide to get married almost the same night they meet. As you might suspect, there's trouble in paradise. They haven't been married long when Sissy gets a crush on another "cowboy" named Wes (Scott Glenn), who impresses her by riding a mechanical bull. It's not long before Bud's riding the mechanical bull, and Sissy is dying to ride it too, but he thinks it's too dangerous and forbids it. She ignores him. Wes gives her lessons, and pretty soon she's having an affair with him, and to get even, Bud cheats on her too. What irks me is that both men smack Sissy around, so this stupid girl just leaves one abusive relationship for another!

Urban Cowboy is amusing for a while, but gets rather tiresome after an hour or two. It's also pretty obvious that- don't read any further if you don't want to know the end - Bud and Sissy will get back together so there isn't much suspense.

My Rating = Two Stars

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