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Up Close and Personal



Up Close and Personal
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Up Close and Personal is a spellbinding film that rates high on my list of "terrific movies". Actress Michelle Pfeiffer portrays Sallyanne, an inexperienced young woman who goes to work at a small Miami newscenter, and soon falls in love with her boss, Warren Justice, portrayed by Robert Redford. Now Redford, I thought, looked good - really good, but he spent more time during the film shooting off sarcastic remarks than serious acting.

Sallyanne's new name suddenly becomes Tally Atwater when she steps up from being a desk clerk to a weather-girl. This promotion to weather-girl involves a funny before-air scene with Sallyanne crouched on the bathroom floor, barfing into the toilet. No matter. Warren Justice simply throws open the "Ladies" room door, and drags Sallyanne out in front of the cameras. Uninformed of her new name, Sallyanne looks dumbstruck when the anchorman introduces Tally Atwater.

Although she manages to say her lines, she is obviously not idyllic for the job as weather-girl. Warren makes Tally a reporter, and she does much better. Tally climbs her way to-the-top, leaving the Miami station for a much larger newscenter. Will she become the big celebrity of her dreams?

I thought Michelle Pfeiffer was perfect for the part of rising anchorperson - but I would have preferred her playing opposite of a much younger star - like Tom Hanks, or Hugh Grant.

However, it's still a marvelous movie, and much fun to see.

My Rating = Four Stars

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