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Unbreakable would have been better titled Unbearable, as it is long, drawn out, and boring. Some horror movie - that is what it's supposed to be, right? It's hard to tell with that messy subplot about Bruce Willis' marriage-gone-sour.

But let's start at the beginning. Willis plays David Dunn, a man who is apparently "unbreakable" - he is the sole survivor of a disastrous train wreck that kills more than 200 people. A crazy comic collector named Elijah (Samuel Jackson) theorizes that David is a superhuman mutant type - like comic books heroes.

Elijah is sometimes called "Mr. Glass" because a bone disorder causes his bones to literally "break like glass". Unbreakable could be called Transparent As Glass because that describes its plot quite well.

Unbreakable is boring and, like The Sixth Sense, a dull horror movie. Of course, since The Sixth Sense raked in millions, I'm probably wrong about Unbreakable too. Still, I liked Bruce Willis better doing regular action movies, minus all this hocus pocus junk.

My Rating = One Star

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