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Ulee's Gold



Ulee's Gold
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Ulee's Gold is a commendably well-plotted movie. It doesn't have special effects; it doesn't have a crazy plot or a bunch of aliens; and it isn't trying to get any points or morals across. It's just an enjoyable down-to-earth, believable story that nonchalantly grabs your attention.

Peter Fonda plays beekeeper Ulee, a man of fifty or so who looks much older and wearier. This is due to several, understandable factors: his wife died; his son is in prison; he has to raise his two youngish granddaughters, Casey and Penny; and, now, he also is caring for his drugged daughter-in-law. Oh, and some buddies of his former bankrobber,but now, imprisoned son want the "loot" that his son hid. Unlike his crooked son, Ulee has serious moral problems with handing over the money, (but he'd rather hand it over than have his granddaughters killed by these vicious 'buddies'), so he tries to find out the money's location from his son.

This is a good movie for anyone fed up with superficial movies based on special effects, plots that go nowhere, and actors who seem to be sleepwalking through their parts----this movie is a delightful change of pace.

My Rating = Four Stars

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