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Two of a Kind



Two of a Kind
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John Travolta certainly looked better back in the seventies, when Two of a Kind was filmed. Today, although he's in huge demand in Hollywood and maintains his good looks, his great dancer's body just isn't quite sexy these days. If you want to see Travolta as he was in his prime, check out this entertaining romantic comedy.

In order to avoid having his ears cut off by gangsters he owes money to, Zack Melon (Travolta) robs a bank. While there, he meets and flirts with a teller named Debbie (Olivia Newton-John), who gives him an empty bag and keeps the money he demanded for herself. Zack winds up with all the blame, and not even any cash to show for it.

Meanwhile, four angels up in heaven are attempting to convince God not to end the world. God agrees to give them one week in which to create a miracle: they must make Zack and Debbie fall in love and sacrifice everything for each other. But that's not as easy as it sounds, considering the circumstances.

This movie is rather foolish, but it's still diverting to watch - especially if you're a Travolta fan like me.

My Rating = Three Stars

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