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The movie Twister will truly blow you away.

Helen Hunt portrays Jo, a scientist who is a Tornado Chaser. Jo's husband, Bill, who is desperately trying to get her signature on divorce papers, is temporarily helping her chase tornadoes. So far, no one has successfully positioned a tornado-analyzing device (naturally, their device is named Dorothy), containing thousands of little information-collecting devices, inside a tornado. In order to achieve this, Jo and Bill must chase the tornado, get into its path to position "Dorothy" then escape before the tornado strikes them.

And let's not forget that they are travelling with Bill's new fiancee - a sex therapist, who really doesn't belong in the story. How Jo unloads her so fast is unrealistic, and so was the fact that she looked almost happy when she informed Bill that they were "through".

The rest of the movie, including the special effects was terrific. Will Jo and Bill accomplish their mission? It doesn't really matter - the movie is too good to miss.

My Rating = Three Stars

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