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Danny Devito and Arnold Swarzennegger, the two most differently sized and shaped actors in Hollywood, are paired up as twins - yes, twins - in the movie, Twins.

Devito, in case you don't know, is short and portly, and plays a debt ridden criminal with a lot of people after him. Just in time, his long lost (and very wealthy) twin shows up and conveniently gets him released from jail. (It's too bad he can't get rid of the rest of the people after Devito.) Predictably, he meets Devito's girlfriend's sister, and they fall for each other.

Devito is, as usual, sardonically amusing, although his movie characters all seem similar lately, so if you didn't like him in other movies, you probably won't like him in this one. I find Devito to be amusing, for the most part, so I enjoyed him in Twins. Swarzennegger, is, of course, great to look at, and he shows his acting talent here too. It's interesting to see him in a non-action hero role (although he does have a few muscle-flexing scenes in this film).

My Rating = Three Stars

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