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Twilight stars three well-known and highly acclaimed actors - Susan Sarandon, Paul Newman, and Gene Hackman - and that's about all it has going for it. You can't even tell if the acting is convincing or not because the script is so weak!

Twilight is predictable with a capital "P". It's your typical murder mystery, minus the exciting plot twists and enigmatic characters. And what else is there to a murder mystery?

Nothing, which is precisely what you get from Twilight. Hackman is a rich old man slowly wasting away from cancer. Newman is his slightly depressed, very world- weary best friend, a retired police officer and private investigator who lives in Hackman's mansion. He also happens to be having an affair with Hackman's wife (played by Sarandon), an actress who apparently murdered her first husband (he disappeared mysteriously twenty years earlier).

The end is painfully obvious, and the script drags on tediously. There aren't even a lot of violent action scenes- not that they would have improved the movie, but you do expect a little more bloodshed from this kind of film.

My Rating = Two Stars

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