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Turner and Hooch



Turner and Hooch
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If you like dog movies, Turner and Hooch is amusingly adequate. It's not terribly original or fascinating, but if you want to spend an hour and a half watching a dog annoy a person it's a good pick.

Tom Hanks is Scott Turner, a punctual police officer - actually I think his behavior borders on obsessive-compulsive - who likes neatness and order. He is training another officer David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson) to take his place when he leaves for a new job. When they're called to a murder investigation, they both want to prove they can solve the case - it's a small town and Hanks hasn't had much experience in murder investigations.

It appears that the only witness to the murder is a big dog that belonged to the victim. Hanks had known the victim and hadn't been crazy about the dog, but is forced to keep it, at least temporarily. Apparently he thinks the dog will lead him to the criminal.

Naturally the dog starts to grate on his nerves, making a huge mess of his house, etc. This proves entertaining for most of the movie, just not hysterically funny.

My Rating = Two Stars

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