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The Truth About Cats and Dogs



The Truth About Cats and Dogs
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The truth about The Truth About Cats and Dogs is that it is an hilariously funny, romantic comedy.

I'd promised an online buddy that I'd write him an email note about The About Truth Cats and Dogs as soon as I returned from the theater, and this is what I wrote:

You will love The Truth About Cats and Dogs!! If you like Mrs. Doubtfire type movies, you'll enjoy it. A veternarian named Abby (Janeane Garofalo) has her own talk show. She helps a "caller" (Ben Chaplin), and he wants to meet and thank her - in person. Naturally, she lies, and says that she is "tall, blond, and hard to miss". Meeting Abby's friend, Noelle (Uma Thurman), who fits that description, he immediately thinks she is Abby. Abby, who claims her name is Donna continues to talk to him on the phone, but Noelle actually dates him. Who is he falling in love with - "Donna" or "Abby?".

And that's the Truth About Cats and Dogs.

My Rating = Three Stars

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