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The Truman Show



The Truman Show
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The Truman Show, starring JimCarrey, was a delightful surprise. This isn't classic Carrey - no wonderfully braindead-type comedy. While there is some humor, Carrey's character, Truman, is quite sensible and normal - compared to Carrey's other characters - especially considering that Truman's entire life has been televised without his knowledge.

That's right, before Truman was even born, he was the star of The Truman Show. Hidden cameras broadcast his life to millions twenty-four hours a day. Everyone who has ever been in Truman's life - his parents, his friends, even his wife - is an actor. For most of his life, he has suspected nothing. But now he begins to notice oddities and decides he must be "a part of something big". How big he doesn't really know! He even tries to escape, but fails, and is convinced by the many other actors that there's nothing going on. But how long can they keep their secret from Truman?

When I came out of the theatre, I felt sure that The Truman Show would be a big hit. However, it may be too dramatic and complicated for the target audience - in other words, people who are expecting another Dumb and Dumber aren't going to get it! But I loved "The Truman Show", and was very impressed by Carrey's ability to skillfully portray such a serious role.

My Rating = Four Stars

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