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True Crime



True Crime
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True Crime is a fast-paced, enjoyable suspense film starring Clint Eastwood as a haggard, disgruntled, old newspaper reporter.

Not the model citizen himself - he smokes in "no smoking" buildings, cheats on his wife by sleeping with a coworker's wife, and does some incredibly wild, half-tipsy driving- Eastwood has a thing for attempting to get convicted criminals off the hook. (On his last crusade, he tried - and failed - to get a rapist released.) He feels that if he "follows his nose" on a story, he can't go wrong. Of course, his nose gets a little off track when he hits the bottle, but he has been sober of late.

Which is why he is so convinced that his nose is right when he decides a convicted murderer is innocent. Too bad Eastwood only gets "his nose" on the day that the "murderer" is scheduled to be executed. Still, Eastwood won't let anything - including traffic laws- stop him from ferreting out the truth and seeing that justice is served.

Eastwood's character is rather interesting; unlike some movie heroes, he has his flaws - quite a lot of them, as a matter of fact. A film hero who isn't the Superman is something of a novelty.

This film has a few flaws itself - I thought that one car chase scene, in which Eastwood is desperately trying to shake the cops, was terribly unrealistic. Eastwood, who has been drinking, does a top-speed U-turn on the appropriately named Dead Man's Curve - and, amazingly, he doesn't become the next dead man.

One scene this movie could have done without: Clint Eastwood with his shirt off. I'm sorry, but he's just a little too old for that. According to my mother, Eastwood was handsome in his younger days, but he's not much to look at now - keep that shirt on Clint!

His acting performance, however, was praiseworthy, and the other actors were almost as terrific. All in all, True Crime was a marvelously entertaining film.

My Rating = Three Stars

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