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True Lies



True Lies
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True Lies is a thrilling and comical action movie starring Arnold Swarzennegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Tom Arnold.

The premise is rather foolish - despite being married for many years, Harry Tasker's (Arnold Swarzennegger) wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) doesn't know he's an international spy. No, he has her convinced he's a sales rep for a computer company, and goes out of his way to be as boring as possible. Lately he's been busy with a new case and his wife is getting lonely so she starts meeting a mysterious man (Bill Paxton) for lunch. He claims to be a spy, and the danger and excitement attract her - little does she know it's a lie, and her own husband is in that line of work! Of course Harry becomes jealous when he finds out, and even has his wife kidnapped so she can be questioned! Meanwhile he has to keep working on his case, and his whole family may be endangered.

Some of the stunts are really unbelievable - like a horse riding an elevator and jumping from roof to roof. But Swarzennegger's acting is persuasive, and the other actors are agreeable as well. The plot definitely holds your attention and the special effects are marvelous.

My Rating = Three Stars

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