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Since I enjoyed the recent film Deep Rising a fellow movie critic suggested I rent Tremors, another slimy-monsters-coming-out-of-the-ground-and-eating-people film. Tremors is even more ridiculously funny than Deep Rising, although the special effects can't compete (Tremors was made several years ago and special effects today are far superior).

Another difference is that Tremors isn't just a straight sci-fi movie - it's a combination sci-fi and cowboy western, which makes for an unusually interesting setting. Valentine McKee (Kevin Bacon) and Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) are two stereotypical "dumb ol' country boys". Their hick accents and absolutely idiotic remarks are boisterously entertaining, which keeps you amused until the monsters show up. (At one point, Valentine says, "We plan ahead so we don't actually have to do anything right now.")

Then Valentine, Fred, and the other citizens of their small western town realize that they're trapped and surrounded by the aforementioned slimy monsters that come out of the ground. A scientist in training is studying seismographs nearby and joins them when she realizes the problem. Now all they have to figure out is how to escape the desert valley without becoming lunch. Meanwhile, the scientist quickly becomes a romantic interest for Valentine.

Tremors is terribly cheesy and cliche, but that's what makes it entertaining. I laughed all the way through and definitely recommend it as a good comedy - just don't expect a big scare.

My Rating = Three Stars

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