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Trapped in Paradise



Trapped in Paradise
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Trapped in Paradise is a delightful change from Nicholas Cage's usually serious roles. In this comedy, Cage plays one of three screwball brothers. Dana Carvey plays another, who happens to be a kleptomaniac. Jon Lovitz, much better here than in his "High School High" performance, plays the third, a compulsive liar. Lovitz and Carvey are recently paroled, and are not supposed to leave the state, but they convince Cage that they have to find the daughter of another inmate and ask her to visit her father. So off they head to Pennsylvania.

Well, they get sidetracked robbing a bank, and do a pretty lousy job. Before they know it, half the town has been dragged into the bank to witness the robbery, because they had to get the vault key from a man in a restaurant across the street. They continue to make more stupid mistakes, and the movie never ceases to be entertaining. Perhaps this isn't the most sincere acting job on the part of any of the actors, but hey, it's a comedy. What counts is that it's funny.

My Rating = Three Stars

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