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Trading Places



Trading Places
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Trading Places in an hilarious comedy about two totally different people who, well, trade places.

Eddie Murphy is Billy Ray Valentine, a con man on the streets - who will say any lie for a buck. Winthorpe is a snooty rich commodities broker who apparently thinks he's the greatest thing to ever hit Wall Street.

His two bosses, brothers who own a brokerage, make a bet that they can't put Winthorpe out on the streets and make a success of Billy. So that's exactly what they try to do.

Murphy is hysterical. Watching how the two characters develop is interesting, too. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis has a supporting role as Winthorpe's new girlfriend - a prostitute who befriends him at the police station. The funniest part of all comes when you find out that the bet was for the amount of one dollar.

My Rating = Three Stars

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